Amprobe AT-6010 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

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The testing industry's most well-liked and best-selling items are Amprobe Products. These devices deliver precise results for farmers, energy producers, and other industries. They are suitable for both professional service and household use. Electric conductivity meters, conductivity & tainting testers, water testers, pressure gauges, and other products are made by the reputable brand Amprobe.

Amprobe AT-6010 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit
Amprobe 37XR-A TRMS Digital Multimeter
Amprobe AT-8030 Advanced Industrial Wire Tracer Kit
AMP-220 600A AC/DC TRMS Clamp Meter

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Amprobe tools are put through arduous and thorough testing in Fluke's CSA-recognized facility to assure compliance with the most recent regulations for quality and safety you can rely on.