Services We Offer

As a service provider we have a wide range of provision in industrial services. We provide industrial testing, service , power quality monitoring and so on. Our service include high precision instruments which gives more reliable data in any service. Also we provide Energy and environmental assessments where you can measure your plant efficiency and environmental quality . We provide international standard services though our certified experts.



It is a process for detecting, assessing and instructing faults in material that no damaging outcome on the material under test an... Explore More


Calibration is a procedure for checking the accuracy of a measurement instrument by analogy it to reference standard. If the produ... Explore More
Safety Audit

Safety Audit

Identifying potential problem before they have impact on safety is mentioned as safety audit that conducts the degree of complianc... Explore More
Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Energy audit is an exploration of a facility, indicating how and where that facility can reduce energy consumption, save energy co... Explore More
Environmental Inspection


Inquiry that if your level of compliance with an environmental regulation or discern noncompliance is delegated as Environmental I... Explore More

Brands We Represent

To assist you with the best equipment, Iconic holds the authorization of a wide variety of efficient and famous brands. For the best measurements and industrial diagnosis & safety we have prominent brands like Fluke, Amprobe, Indelec, Baur, OPAL-RT, Wohler and so on. These brands can be categorized for different purposes like high voltage measurements, low voltage measurements, lighting solutions, different tests and so on. We are always ready to serve you with the best brands according to your requirements.

Recent Blog Posts

Keep in touch with us. Our research department publishes most advanced update technological blogs here. You can learn different applications of different equipment. Mostly theories, background technology, different international standards, safety and so on are described in these blogs. We always publish most recent innovation in test and measurement field. Keep watching here, you will learn how technology is changing everyday world.

What is a clamp meter?

What Is A Clamp...

A clamp meter is AN electrical test tool that mixes a basic digital multimeter with a current sensing element. Clamps measure current. Probes measure voltage. Having a hinged jaw integ ...

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What is a digital multimeter?

What Is A Digit...

A digital multimeter (DMM) could be a take a look at tool accustomed live 2 or a lot of electrical values—principally voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). It is ...

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Basic knowledge about calibration

Basic Knowledge...

What is calibration? Calibration could be a comparison between a better-known activity (the standard) and also the activity victimization your instrument. Typically, the accuracy of th ...

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Power Quality Analyzer [Basic Knowledge]

Power Quality A...

The reliability and cost of any electrical system depend greatly on the quality of the power supplied to and consumed by the system. Poor power quality may result in an improper functio ...

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Proven benefits of environmental impact assessment

Proven Benefits...

What is the environmental impact assessment? Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the method of assessing the seemingly environmental impacts of a proposal and characteristic choic ...

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New Lightning Conductor Prevectron-3

New Lightning C...

The latest lightning rod Prevectron 3® is the greatest advance in the lightning protection system. The Prevectron 3® integrates for the first time the patented Optimax technolo ...

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Diagnose before tear-down with Fluke DS701 and DS703 FC

Diagnose Before...

A high recognition Fluke industrial videoscope helps to shorten downtime and grow operating efficiency.  When you are faced considering gearboxes, nozzles, turbines blades, heat e ...

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Fluke 87V the reliable Industrial multimeter in the world

Fluke 87V The R...

Fluke 87V the reliable Industrial multimeter in the world. If you want the best multimeter in the world? OK, we Fluke Bangladesh got this! The Fluke 87V combo kit is built around the F ...

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