Fluke VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester

Fluke VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester

When you are looking for a rugged, reliable & accurate Gas Flow Analyzer Fluke VT900A done all things for you. The VT900 Gas Flow Analyzer easily provides the highest accuracy for testing gas flow and respiratory medical equipment. Below we describe the key features of this brand new Fluke medical equipment.

Key Features of Fluke VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester

  • Streamline your testing procedure, reduce errors and quicken your test time with the ability to create customized test profiles
  • Avoid confusion and ensure accuracy with one-channel, full-range air flow
  • Reduce testing time with built-in line sensors which automatically test humidity, temperature, and oxygen while compensating for atmospheric pressure and environmental conditions
  • Ensure patient safety with the ultra-low flow and ultra-low pressure anesthesia and flow meter testing
  • Have confidence that your measurements comply with global regulatory standards and adhere to SI units of measurement with the Molbloc-L calibration system.
  • Easily transport and store the lightweight (3.6lb/1.6kg), all-in-one device – no extra modules for different tests
  • Have more control over your testing by selecting your own trigger point with the external trigger input
  • Operate on-the-go, all day with 8 hours of battery life
  • Streamline your testing procedure by performing a complete anesthesia machine PM with the VAPOR Anesthesia Tester

Accurate & Easy-to-use

As well as you know that VT900A is Fluke Biomedical’s high-accuracy premium gas flow analyzer and ventilator tester. Very easy to use in any environment. The single, full-range ±300 lpm airflow channel offers built-in oxygen, temperature and humidity measurements to streamline testing and automatically compensate for environmental conditions. The Fluke VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester features an external trigger input and special ultra-low flow and ultra-low pressure ports. This ultra low-flow and ultra-low pressure ports allow the highest accuracy for devices requiring crucial low volume and pressure testing such as anesthesia machines and flow meters. Designed and tested to world-renowned Molbloc-L calibration specifications ensures traceability to global regulatory standards with reliable measurements you can count on. keep it simple and you can find out the best result that you are looking for.

Traceable & Portable

One of the best things about this Ventilator Tester is traceable & portable. That is really the amazing thing that every user looking for. The large on-board memory of the VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer / Ventilator Tester allows both short and long-term recording and storing of test data. Transfer data via USB to a PC and upload the generated test file to your CMMS system for simple & very easy reporting. This device can be easily adapted to specific testing needs. With the ability to create custom profiles and the capacity to take remote commands for automated testing, the VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer / Ventilator Tester helps to decrease risk and increase efficiency. 

Weighing only 3.6 lb (1.6 kg), this compact, all-in-one device is highly portable. The snap-in carrying handle/shoulder strap and rugged design allow you to easily test on-the-go, while its small unit size and bale (kickstand) allow comfortable viewing for benchtop testing. A universal VESA mount also gives you the option of mounting the device to save space. With AC/DC power options and 8-hour battery life, this tester is perfect for laboratory, clinical or field environments where AC power may not be available.

So, you can easily know about Fluke VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer Ventilator Tester above the description. Now, you can understand this brad new Fluke medical equipment comes with great features along with accurate, easy to use, traceable & portable. We are the sole & exclusive distributor of Fluke Biomedical Test Equipment. For any kind of help or if you want to know more. Feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you.