Basic Electrical Testing and Measuring Tools

Basic Electrical Testing and Measuring Tools

Electrical testing and measuring tools are essential to measure or compare electrical quantities because they can compare unknown quantities with a standard value.

Electrical measuring instruments include ammeters, voltmeters, multimeters, Clamp meters, and so on. Generally, these devices measure the value of electrical quantities for instance current, voltage, resistance, and electric power.

Measurement is a necessary operation to identify the electrical measuring unit. So, It works by comparing the unit of an unknown quantity to the standard unit of electrical equipment.


Firstly, Digital Multimeter is working like an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter. It measures current, voltage, and resistance, respectively. Therefore, it is also known as an AVO meter.

Secondly, This device's primary role is to measure the electrical characteristics of tools and wires in industries. Multimeters are used for various functions depending on the requirements, such as electricity, labs, power sources, and circuits.

Finally, it is a portable gadget featuring positive and negative indication needles on a numeric LCD digital display. Batteries, home wiring, electric motors, and power sources may all be tested with multimeters.

The essential parts of the Digital Multimeter are:

  • Display
  • Power Source
  • Probes
  • Controls
  • Battery

Functions of Digital Multimeters

Depending on the type, these devices can provide a variety of readings. So, fundamental sorts of multimeters are mainly used to measure current, resistance, voltage, verify continuity, and test a whole circuit. Functions of a multimeter are:

  • Firstly, It can measure Resistance in Ohms
  • Capacity in Farads
  • Can measure the temperature in Fahrenheit/ Celsius
  • AC Voltage & Amperage
  • Inductance Henry
  • DC Voltage & Amperage
  • Frequency in Hz
  • Conductance in Siemens
  • Finally, can calculate Duty Cycle

Advantages of using AVO Meter

  • It gives an automatic o/p display.
  • Results can record and store in memory
  • It includes auto polarity functions
  • It ensures accuracy
  • Measuring ranges can be set automatically
  • Resistance toward mechanical damage
  • It has Multifunctionality
  • Zero adjustments cannot be required
  • In short, Measurement accuracy is high

Fluke Multimeter

The fluke digital multimeter may be outfit with a variety of features. In general, it has a big display and is used to monitor voltage and electrical resistance.

Moreover, some devices include advanced functions for measuring humidity, duty cycle, pressure, frequency, and temperature. Most importantly, Fluke multimeters are shielded against transient voltage. It is a tiny portable device for measuring voltage, current, and testing diodes.

Comparison Between some Fluke Digital Multimeter

Among many kinds of Multimeters available in Bangladesh, Fluke is the best because it is easier to operate and accurate. Similarly, Fluke's market-leading multimeter makes preventive maintenance tasks faster, easier, and safer.

Model Photo Important Feature

Fluke 101

Fluke 101 digital multimeter
  • Firstly, Basic dc accuracy is 0.5%
  • Diode and continuity test with buzzer
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated
  • Small, lightweight design for one-handed use
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Automatic shutdown
Finally, The battery is easy to replace

Fluke 15B+

Fluke 15b+ digital multimeter
  • It has a 600 V Cat III safety rating
  • The display is 50% larger and has brilliant white lighting.
  • Voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance
Diode test, data hold
Fluke 17B+ Fluke 17B+ digital multimeter
  • The display is 50% larger and has brilliant white lighting.
  • 600 V Cat III safety rating
  • Over-voltage indicator
  • Frequency and temperature measurement
  • Diode test, data hold
  • Finally, Voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance

Fluke 87V,179, 287,289

Fluke 87V 179 digital multimeter
  • Identify complex signal problems fast
  • Using a low-pass filter, it is possible to make precise measurements on VFDs.
  • Expensive compared to other models

Zoom on trend gives you unmatched access to and analysis of Trend Capture data; zoom in up to 14 times.

Fluke 279 FC true-RMS thermal multimeter

Fluke 279 FC true-RMS thermal multimeter
  • Full-featured multimeter with a built-in thermal imager compares to other brands.
  • 15 measurement functions
  • LPF for troubleshooting adjustable speed drives
  • Thermal imaging rapidly and securely identifies hotspots that may indicate electrical problems.
  • Three-year standard warranty
  • Save battery power using auto power off
  • This two-in-one tool is intended to boost productivity — There's no need to return to the office to retrieve a shared camera.

Clamp Meter

The Clamp meter consisted of a basic digital multimeter and a current sensor. Likewise, it is also known as loop tester, long tester, or milliampere Clamp meter. Probes measure the voltage on the other hand clamps measure current. In short, the main advantage of using a Clamp meter is that without disconnecting the circuit someone can measure current using a clamp meter. Clamp meters are used not only for industrial equipment but also for  HVAC.


The Clamp meter

They are primarily used for

  • Service
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Three types of clamp meters exist:

Name Measuring Quantity
Current transformer clamp meters Alternating Current
Flexible clamp meters Measure ac only; good for measuring in tight spaces.
Hall Effect clamp meters Both AC and DC

Comparison Between some Fluke Clamp Meter

Model Photo Key Feature
Fluke 302+ Fluke 302 plus
  • Alternating current measurements up to 400 A, handling your everyday electrical maintenance needs
  • Comes with the TL75 Hard Point™ Test Lead Set offering the convenience of a test lead
  • Rugged, easy-to-use
CAT IV safety rating of 300 V/CAT III safety rating of 600 V
Fluke 305 Fluke 305
  • 0 an AC measurement
  • 300V CAT IV / 600V CAT III safety rated
  • 30 mm jaw size for numerous applications
  • Resistance range of 40 kΩ
Simple to use and easy to carry
Fluke 376 Fc Fluke 376 Fc
  • Measures AC/DC with included iFlex current probe
  • Low pass filter with variable frequency drive for precise measurement of non-linear signals
  • Log, trend, and monitor remotely to pinpoint intermittent failures
Inrush measurement to filter out the noise and capture starting current

Electrical tester

An electrical tester is a tool that is inserted into an electrical socket to ensure that it is properly wired.

There are different kinds of testers available in Bangladesh. But Fluke's and voltage monitors are appropriately used in a wide range of applications and circumstances. These testers are reliable, safe, and easy to use, extending from non-contact voltage monitors.

Electrical testers

Figure: Electrical testers and voltage continuity testers  Figure: Fluke 1AC II Non-Contact Voltage Tester


Electrical measuring and testing tools are very essential in daily life. They are essential in a multitude of aspects of modern civilization, including agriculture, weather, the motor industry, and health care facilities.

A technical person can perform their duty with confidence because they have a high potential for providing correct findings. Digital multimeter, clamp meter, and electrical tester are the most commonly used tools. In conclusion,  measuring is very essential not only for smooth operation but also for safety.

As Fluke electrical testing and measuring tools are reliable, safe, as well easy to use. Iconic Engineering Limited BD is an authorized distributor of FLUKE. If anyone is interested to buy a reliable, best services & quality brand product they can contact us.