Pressure Calibration

Pressure Calibration

What is Pressure Calibration?

Pressure calibration is the process of adjusting and verifying the accuracy of a pressure measurement instrument or device. Pressure instruments, such as pressure gauges, transmitters, and sensors, are used in various industries and applications to measure and monitor pressure in systems like pipelines, tanks, and industrial processes. Over time, these instruments may drift or deviate from their original calibration, leading to inaccurate pressure readings.

The purpose of pressure calibration is to ensure that pressure instruments provide accurate and reliable measurements. This is essential for maintaining the safety, efficiency, and quality of processes in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and many others.

Pressure Calibration Ensuring Maximum Performance with Iconic Engineering Limited:

Precision is key in the engineering and design world. From aerospace to the automotive industry, accurate measurement is the key to success. One important factor that is often overlooked but essential to maintaining this accuracy is the pressure measurement. At Iconic Engineering Limited, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality pressure measurement services that ensure optimal performance and reliability for projects.

Why pressure Calibration is important:

Ensuring safety:
Control plays an important role in maintaining safety in industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and aviation. Accurate pressure readings ensure systems operate within safe limits, preventing potentially damaging events.

Quality assurance:
In industries that rely on precise manufacturing processes such as semiconductors, even the slightest change in pressure can result in a defective product Calibration guarantees consistency and quality in production processes.

Regulatory compliance:
Many businesses are bound by strict codes of compulsory standards. Calibration ensures compliance with these standards, avoiding costly fines and lawsuits.

Our expertise in pressure Calibration:

Advanced equipment:
At Iconic Engineering Limited, we invest in advanced measuring equipment that meets international standards. This equipment allows us to place a wide range of impact devices, from gauges to transformers, with exceptional accuracy.

Trained Engineer:
Our calibration technicians are highly skilled and experienced in operating various pressure devices. They receive rigorous training to familiarize themselves with the latest techniques and technologies in pressure measurement.

We provide searchable calibration certificates verifying the authenticity of your equipment. These certifications serve as proof of compliance with industry standards and can be invaluable during an audit.

Pressure Calibration Facility with Classic Technologies:

Our calibration services ensure that your pressure devices deliver accurate readings, reducing the risk of error during critical applications.

Machine Longevity:
Regular maintenance prevents adequate wear and tear of pressure-operated machines to extend their life

Cost savings:
Successful design prevents abnormalities that can lead to product failure, reducing costly rework and waste.

Peace of mind:
With our calibration services, you can be confident in the reliability of your pressure devices by focusing on your basic functions without worry.

Our Pressure Calibration Scope:

  1. Pressure Gauge
  2. Pressure Transmitter
  3. Pressure Switch
  4. Deadweight Tester
  5. Manometer
  6. Differential Pressure Gauge
  7. DPTransmitter
  8. Differential pressure switch
  9. Magnehelic Gauge
  10. PRV Valve
  11. P To 1 Converter
  12. Control Valve
  13. Pressure Generator

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