Proven benefits of environmental impact assessment

Proven benefits of environmental impact assessment

What is the environmental impact assessment?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the method of assessing the seemingly environmental impacts of a proposal and characteristic choices to minimize environmental harm. The main purpose of EIA is to tell call manufacturers of the seemingly impacts of a proposal before a call is formed.

EIA provides an opportunity to identify key issues and stakeholders early in the life of a proposal so that potential adverse impacts can be addressed before final approval decisions are made.

What is the importance of an Environmental Impact Assessment in environmental management?

  • To carry out any development project, Environment Impact Assessment ( EIA) studies are nowadays become mandatory in any government project or in any private industries.
  • The importance of EIA is basically to understand the positive and negative impact of any project to the local communities and to the nation before and after the project commission.
  • With the EIA data, it helps to carry out the longterm impact analysis both negative and positive effects of any proposed project within the communities and to the national level.
  • To combat the negative impact of any project it needs to organize mitigation live or surroundings management conceive to correct the environmental damages caused by any biological process project.
  • It also encourages Public awareness and Involvement in nation's development projects.

  • Ensures statutory limits of Key Impact Indicators and thus help forecast Environmental Changes (Future state in Presence or Absence of Action against Initial Reference state)

So, now we ensure the benefits of the EIA service process.

Environmental impact assessment really plays a key significance in identifying the role of particular actions like construction etc. on the overall environment.

It measures the risks if any be caused to flora and fauna if any activity or project is started.