Iconic recently provided Fluke-5522A Multi-product Calibrator to Bangladesh Navy

Iconic recently provided Fluke-5522A  Multi-product Calibrator to Bangladesh Navy

We are delighted to share that ICONIC Engineering Limited, one of Bangladesh's leading engineering companies, recently provided the Bangladesh Navy with the Fluke-5522A Multi-product Calibrator at BNS Issa Khan in the Chittagong division. This remarkable collaboration between ICONIC Engineering and the esteemed Bangladesh Navy marks an important milestone in the advancement of engineering capabilities in the country.

To ensure the successful utilization of the Fluke-5522A Multi-product Calibrator, a comprehensive training session was conducted by the experts from ICONIC Engineering. The training spanned over five days, from the 11th to the 15th of June 2023, and focused on the operational aspects of the Fluke 5522A calibrator as well as the L-Cal Software.

The training session aimed to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in operating the Fluke 5522A calibrator and utilizing the accompanying MET/CAL Software effectively. The expertise shared by ICONIC Engineering's professionals will enable the Bangladesh Navy to optimize the performance and accuracy of their equipment, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.

This collaboration highlights the commitment of ICONIC Engineering to excellence in engineering and its contribution to the growth and advancement of the country's defense capabilities. The successful implementation of the Fluke-5522A Multi-product Calibrator in the Bangladesh Navy exemplifies the company's dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and technical expertise to its esteemed clients.

ICONIC Engineering remains at the forefront of driving innovation and fostering partnerships that contribute to the overall progress of the engineering industry in Bangladesh. This event serves as a testament to the company's relentless pursuit of excellence and its dedication to empowering organizations with state-of-the-art engineering solutions.