Conventional LPS

Age Old System, Traditional & Trusted Enough.

The most known system for protection from lightning is the conventional mesh conductor type lightning protection system which codes as NFPA 780. Which complies with IEC, IEEE and other international standards as well as BNBC standards. This is the most traditional and old standard for around a century and most used all across the world because of its efficiency and low maintenance caliber compared to other systems. Yet this is the traditional system and have some technological backlog compared to other modern systems.

Design & Consultency

Expert team of engineers, and dedicated CAD designers are very focused on survey, assessment, creating quality CAD Design and Consulting the best solution for your facilities.



We have an expert belt of members who are very sound in their knowledge and expertise of installing the systems. They have already installed 300+ systems in different industries and factories.


Iconic have a big team consisting of members are Engineers, Designers, Surveyors, Consultants, Auditors, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Technicians & Installation Workers and Maintenance personals.

LPS Materials

Flat Shaddle/Air Terminal Base

Copper Made P-Clamp

Square Conductor Clamp

Rebar Clamp

Heavy Duty Cable Saddle

H Clamp

Air Terminal

Stranded Copper Wire

Square Conductor Clamp

Flat Shaddle/Air Terminal Base

Flat Shaddle/Air Terminal Base

Air Terminal Base

Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining and repair is a vital issue which is under after sales & service segment of Iconic Services. Iconic Engineering provides on demand specified maintenance and repairing service of the systems installed in facilities.