Digital LPS

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The most advanced Lightning Protection System technology Early Streamer Emission (ESE) is being offered by Iconic Engineering. Early Streamer Emission have a great coverage range and higher accuracy in catching the strikes reducing risk around its coverage. One terminal covers a wide area, that makes it very economical as it only requires only 2 down conductors to complete the loop. Also it is easy for maintenance, thanks to its leading technologies. Standard covers by this ESE-102 system are French national standard NF C 17-102 - 2011, NFPA 780, RTN(Russia), IEC etc. These products are also UL and CE listed.


Inspection Services
Inspection Services

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Remote Testing Module

Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining and repair is a vital issue which is under after sales & service segment of Iconic Services. Iconic Engineering provides on demand specified maintenance and repairing service of the systems installed in facilities.