Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue (SAR) refers to the coordinated efforts and operations aimed at locating, assisting, and rescuing individuals who are in distress or missing in various environments, such as wilderness areas, mountains, oceans, or urban settings. It involves a combination of techniques, equipment, and highly trained personnel to locate and extract individuals in emergencies.


ICONIC Engineering Limited has emerged as a great company, introducing innovative solutions and playing a vital role in advancing the field of Search and Rescue. Through our expertise and technological advancements, we have contributed to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of SAR operations globally.

Practically Complete Project

ICONIC Engineering Limited has made significant contributions to the development of specialized rescue vehicles and equipment. These include helicopters, boats, and off-road vehicles designed to navigate challenging terrains and reach individuals in remote or hazardous locations. By equipping SAR teams with these specialized vehicles and equipment, ICONIC Engineering Limited has empowered them to access and extract individuals in need of rescue efficiently and safely.