Calibration is a process through which an instrument is measured or judge how much it is close to the reference standard or ideal one. To evaluate anything there is no doubt to measure it. By doing measurement again and again the instrument itself drift from its ideal value. Thus similar instrument is compared with the existing one and check whether it is within its accuracy level or out of accuracy. If the instrument drift from its accuracy it needs to calibrate. For the robustness of workload and easiness human has developed different types of measurement devices. Different types of instrument different calibrators. To issue a valid calibration certificate once have to accredited by any national or international accreditation bodies like. Calibration lab has to follow the procedure of ISO. The measurement capability of a calibration lab depends on the calibrators using inside the lab. Iconic has wide range of solution calibration lab products. We provide both product and consultancy service for calibration lab setup. We provide calibration product in Electrical, temperature, pressure, flow and RF segment. Our expert team members can provide you the best option to choose product and get accreditation from authorized bodies.