Lightning Protection System
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Design: Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) Design

Designing a lightning protection system is far from simple. The requirements vary from building to building and protection system options are several. You have to protect not only the structure but also your electrical/electronic installations through separate systems.

The protection system can vary from a simple lightning rod to a complex mesh known as a Faraday cage. While the building protection system can effectively conduct the lightning charge to earth, part of the charge can rise up and damage electrical installations unless these are protected through surge protection devices. In a large establishment, the requirements can get quite complex.

Current British standard for lightning protection systems is BS EN 62305 – 2006. Experienced engineers at Lightning Strike can design systems that meet protection requirements for your particular facility and also comply with British and European standards, however complex these are.

Features Of The Service

Lightning Strike services are characterized not only by effective delivery of lightning protection but also by:

  • Free Risk Assessment
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices
  • Compliance with applicable regulations
  • Nationwide delivery of services

We will provide a detailed report on the requirements for protecting your particular building and electrical/electronic installations against lightning so that you will be able to understand the significance of the design we submit. The report will also cover the safe work methods we will use to implement the design. Considering also our low prices, you are unlikely to find another comparable lightning protection solution.

Visual Appearance

Modern, aesthetics-conscious users prefer lightning protection systems that blend in with the structure without sticking out like an eyesore. We at Lightning Strike understand this preference and take care to develop designs that meet this expectation. You will thus receive designs that not only ensure the health and safety of your structure, installations and people but are also unobtrusive and do not affect the pleasing looks of your buildings and décor.


Lightning Protection System Installation Services From Iconic Engineering

Lightning protection systems must offer protection against lightning strikes for:

  • The structure, i.e. the residence or the commercial/industrial structure
  • Electrical and electronic installations in the structure

The basic principle of lightning protection is guiding the current generated by the lightning strike safely to earth and preventing any incidental over-voltages from affecting the electrical installations. The system configuration will vary depending on the extent and complexity of the facility being protected. A simple lightning rod might be enough for a typical residence while an elaborate meshed system known as a Faraday cage will be required to protect exposed structures containing, say numerous computer systems spread over many rooms.

While the structure is protected as above, the electrical installations themselves are not fully protected because part of the current from the lightning strike can rise back from the earthing network and affect the installations in the building. The induced current can also cause over-voltages and damage electrical/electronic equipment. A secondary protection system that includes surge protection devices is needed to guard these installations against damage.

Lightning Protection Service Features

The major features of the lightning protection system installation service provided by Lightning Strike include:

  • Execution of all work to meet BNBC & NFPA-780
  • Safe access and methods of work
  • Fast installation
  • Competitive prices
  • Nationwide delivery of the services

Our services also include free risk assessment price quotation submission and. Both these can reduce the costs of protecting your facility against lightning damage.

Lightning Iconic Engineering

Experienced engineers of Lightning Strike can assess the risks for your particular facility and design a lightning protection system that will offer complete protection. We can also review the adequacy of an existing system and suggest any changes needed to offer full protection.

A lightning protection system includes an overhead structure to capture the lightning current, the conductors to guide it safely away from sensitive devices to earth, the earth leads that ground the current and the links from all metallic structures in your building. Lightning Strike can install a complete protection system in a manner that blends in with the structure and its décor without being an eyesore.

Accessories: Lightning Protection Accessories

With the finest line of components, we offer complete protection from lightning damage for all structures from homes to hospitals, schools to the industrial unit, high rises to hazardous facilities. From air terminals to earthing systems, conductors to surge protective devices, our Total Solution stands foremost in the market for making good this promise to protect life, the structure and electronic systems.

By far the largest and most important component of any structural lightning protection or earthing system is the actual conductor. Selection of the correct conductor type for the installation is highly important and is likely to be the initial consideration of lightning protection or earthing system designer. A comprehensive range of copper and aluminum conductors are available in each of the main world standard formats, i.e. flat tape, solid circular and stranded.

Additionally, each format is available in a variety of conductor sizes, to meet differing lightning protection and earthing requirements. The specification will depend on whether the application is for an above ground structural lightning protection system, or a below ground earthing installation.

So, now you ensure our Full LPS service process. We Iconic Engineering Limited provide reliable and accurate Lightning Protection System in Bangladesh.

One of the important things about us that, we not only provide the service but also we take care of our all customers in any situation. Our precision definitely brings your satisfaction.

Lightning Protection Service still we provide below area:

Gazipur, Savar, Chittagong, Sylhet, Gazipur Chowrasta, Gazipur Konabari and many other places. 


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