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Energy Audit Service In Bangladesh


What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is the first step in fully understanding how energy is being used in your building. Only then, can you begin to reduce operating expenses and improve the performance of your building, ultimately increasing your profitability?

Why Energy Audit?

Energy costs can cut into your profit, and many business owners pay more for energy than they need to.

Why is that?
  • Utility companies make mistakes
  • Companies unknowingly waste energy
  • Business owners don’t have the expertise to reduce their energy expenses

We Are Here For You!

Iconic Engineering is a professional energy consulting firm with comprehensive experience in the energy conservation industry. Iconic Engineering is an industry recognized name for providing services designed to reduce your energy costs. We have developed a unique process that makes reducing energy consumption easier for business owners, of small to medium-sized companies, to understand and manage. Our expertise in energy efficiency equips our team with the essential knowledge that will help you reduce your operating expenses and provide you with cost-effective solutions

What is Utility Bill Analysis?

Utility Bill Analysis is a quick, comprehensive method that aims to identify errors in your energy bill and compare your building's energy performance with others in your industry. This will determine if you are overpaying for your energy in addition to a better understanding of how energy efficient your building is.

What is Building Retrofit?

Retrofit refers to the replacement of old technology or other features in your building with new technology. This enables improvement in the energy efficiency and productivity of your building. This is a relatively complex process but with excellent project management on board, the execution will be on schedule and within budget.

Why Building Retrofit?

Knowing where your business wastes energy is good, but it's not enough. In order to reduce the total energy cost, the action is required. If improper action is taken, negative results will happen such as increased capital costs, lost productivity and energy waste.

Basic Audit Scope

  • Utility Bill Verification
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Analysis of Equipment
  • Energy Procurement

Standard Audit Scope

  • Sub-meter installation
  • Onsite Facility Analysis
  • Identify Energy Waste
  • Recommend Saving Opportunities

Professional Audit Scope

  • Building Envelope Study
  • Develop Retrofit Implementation Plan
  • Economic Analysis
  • Staff Training and Education
  • Ongoing monitoring (Optional)

Service Include

  1. Measuring Boiler Efficiency By Flue gas Analyzer
  2. Measuring Generator Efficiency By Flue gas Analyzer
  3. Building Energy Audit
  4. Power & Harmonic Audit through Power quality & Energy Analyzer
  5. Cogeneration Audit & Recommendation
  6. Motor Condition Monitoring and Motor current signature analysis
  7. Compressed Air Audit
  8. Trap leak detection for Process line, valve & others.
  9. Heat & Mass Balance Study
  10. Indoor Air Quality Audit
  11. Power Plant Audit
  12. Pump Audit
  13. Steam Audit
  14. Thermography