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Best Design, Drawing, Installation & service in Bangladesh. One of the best LPS installer in Bangladesh. Designing a lightning protection system is far from simple. The requirements vary from building to building and protection system options are several. For Lightning protection we follow several renowned international standards like NFPA 780, BS EN/IEC 62305, NFC 17-102 as well as our national standard BNBC also. Within last six years we have handed over more than 312 projects all over Bangladesh. All over the world, there have two types of lightning protection methods are prominent.

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We specialize in design, supply, installation, testing, and repair of Lightning Protection Systems.

Drawing & Design
We offer professional design & drawing for the thunder protection system. We have an in-house expert designer. We almost served 302+ industry and home drawing & design with 7 years of experience.
Supply & Installation
When supply & installation comes that is the top priority for us. We have a professional thunder protection system team for supply and installation.
We have many experts for consultancy. Most of the time we provide this for our customers. The most important thing that we always want to provide the best consultancy free of cost.
Maintenance is one of the prime parts for keeping everything up and running. We take care of these issues with the maintenance team. After installation, we also provide the maintenance instructions.

Types Of Lps



The most advanced Lightning Protection System technology Early Streamer Emission (ESE) is being offered by Iconic Engineering. Early Streamer Emission have a great coverage range and higher accuracy in catching the strikes reducing risk around its coverage

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The most known system for protection from lightning is the conventional mesh conductor type lightning protection system which codes as NFPA 780. Which complies with IEC, IEEE and other international standards as well as BNBC standards

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