About Indelec

INDELEC is a family-owned group of performance-driven SME, dedicated to lightning risk management as well as safety at height. Since 1955, the Group has maintained its production process in France and built up a network of regional subsidiaries offering a complete range of products and services. INDELEC also expanded quickly on Export markets: 75% of the equipment it manufactures is exported to qualified partners in more than 80 countries. INDELEC Group holds leading market positions in France and abroad. Its 200 passionate employees are mobilized to deliver cost effective high quality solutions to its clients, whatever is the projects’ complexity.

Product Categories

Indelec proposes a wide range of solution for lightning protection system. It has an innovative approach and technology to fulfill all requirements of clients in lightning protection. It has early emission lightning rods, remote control for testing of air terminals installed on a site, encapsulated glass solar panels, lightning flash counters, mesh cages, elevation poles, conductors, storm detectors etc. Indelec also proposes surge protection devices for low voltage power equipment, surge protection cabinets, surge protection devices for data lines, obstacle warning lights and so on.