Centre of Excellence

Workshop, seminar, educational training, Industrial Training, social & corporate responsibilities and collaboration with different organizations

Our Activities

We participate in different occasional, educational, business, social awareness and many other social activities, we also arrange refreshment programs with our colleagues.

Iconic Team

A team which is determined and like minded can change the curse of the history. Team iconic hold the spirit to withstand to do their best of their job for best quality

About Iconic

Iconic™ Engineering Limited, A join stock & Trademark Registered company. We were founded in 2010. Our objective is to support energy sector development for energy security

Contact Us

Iconic is very customer friendly. They are always reachable anytime to contact by phone, email or other communication platforms. Contact us any time to fill your inquiry

Privacy Policy

Iconic engineering have a very strong privacy policy to safeguard its customer data and information. We routine check security vulnerabilities to ensure privacy & safety

Terms of Service

Iconic engineering uses a decent terms of usages. With strong condition, copyright, licensing and other terms, it becomes easier for the users to understand issues clearly

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